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The Bridge Academy and Community Center 


Providence Church Coatesville

Fall 2020 Collections

Throughout the we will collect the listed items on Thursdays between 10am-2pm. 

Please bring donations to 570 Olive Street at the Virginia Avenue side entrance on Thursdays between 10am-2pm.

Email info@thebridgeacademy.org BEFORE coming to the Bridge so that we know to listen/ look for your arrival.


Non Perishables/ Food 



Pasta/ Alfredo Sauce

Family Size frozen meals (purchased, not home-made)

Fresh or Frozen veggies and fruit 

Frozen items such as pizzas, chicken tenders, fries, meatballs

Meat (chicken, ground beef/ turkey)

Microwavable AND non-refrigerated meal options such as microwaveable mac n cheese cups, ravioli cups, ramen, soup cups, microwaveable pouch rice, etc.


Non- Food Items 

Toilet Paper

Paper towels

Plastic Cups

Paper/Plastic Plates

Feminine Products- pads, tampons, pantyliners

Hand sanitizer- small containers  

Liquid hand soap 





Lysol Products