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Afterschool Tutoring

Small group and individualized tutoring happens at the Bridge Academy three days a week during the school year. During the after school hours, children can come and get help on homework, projects, and studying. Our desire is to create a positive atmosphere where children can focus.

Our hope is that this time will create a willingness and hunger in our students to better themselves and achieve academic success. Through parental permission, we are also allowed to speak directly teachers to better understand the student's situation and personalize their tutoring time.

Helping students achieve success in school has an important social and economic impact. When students do better in school, it helps lower crime rates and lowers the chances of dropping out.  Communities with higher graduation rates are less prone to crime.  Education also helps create a better standard of life for the next generation.

A willingness to tutor can help change a student's path. We are always in need of quality tutors who are dedicated to helping students strive. While it is beneficial to have an education background, it is not essential. All that is necessary is a desire to serve a few hours every week!


Autumn Butler is the BACC's Tutoring Coordinator. If you want to
volunteer or get your child involved, please email him at