Strength and Fitness Class

Functional Faith

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To be an introductory course into healthy living, exercise, teambuilding, nutrition through the strength and conditioning.  The lessons learned will be directly related back to scripture and will help students see the Gospel through a different lens.

Mission statement 

To provide world-class physical training education with the desire to create healthy students through exercise, character building, and spiritual development.

Teacher’s Perspective

This was our first attempt at Crossfit class. We started small with three students in 4th and 5th grade. The first few weeks were challenging to teach them basic movements and mental toughness. The last two classes they were truly embracing all aspects of the class from the warm-up routine to the after WOD devotional. We focused our teaching time on learning to train our bodies and our minds to serve Jesus.  I pray they will continue to make the connection that we must spiritually train ourselves to trust God and lean on His understanding.  We are so proud of these young men and future leaders!

Class Objectives

To learn the function movements of life and how to execute properly (squat, deadlift, and press)

  • All students can properly execute these movements in a proficient manner

Participate in all WOD’s (Workout of the Day)

  •  Each student participated in every workout except 1 (1 student had a dentist appointment)
  • 2 students had perfect attendance.

Increase work capacity.  Will retest workout on last day. Will compare to first day

  • Students increased work capacity over 100% in 6 weeks.
  • Movements became increasingly proficient. Confidence grew in all areas