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Back to School

Prepare for Success!

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For this event please go to Every school year, parents must buy necessary items and supplies for their children to return to school. Due to the challenging economic times we are faced with, this often proves to be a hardship for many families. Several organizations in Coatesville have joined together to create a back to school event, which will prepare students for a successful school year. This event will bring the community of Coatesville together, Friday, August 4th 3pm-6pm before the start of the school year to empower families; and prepare students for success. Resources that will be available to families include: community services, dental screenings, family friendly activities, nutrition services, literacy activities, after-school program information, college preparatory information, healthy activities, and financial training. After their engagement with these resources, students will receive a book bag filled with age appropriate school supplies to equip them for classroom success.