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Building Project

The Situation

The Bridge Academy and Community Center prides itself in putting families and children first! Our line up of programs and opportunities allow for Coatesville’s children and women to engage in meaningful relationships and activities that will enhance their lives!

Our building is a living testament to our mission- to equip youth and families with the tools necessary to achieve academic achievement, life skills, creative expression, spiritual growth and leadership.  Every room is used for students, and we as staff have to get creative in order to find storage space and office space!

Our Need!

One major immediate problem we have is that there is no office space or private meeting areas.  All of our staff shares computers with the children. Two staff members also have laptops so that we can have a mobile workstation. Once the children come into the building- we close down what we are working on, and allow them to use the space.

We cannot have any confidential papers or staff plans out, because there are no private areas. This is great because it shows that students use the entire building, but it also hinders productivity in an administrative sense.

The BACC loves to offer our space for people to meet – with other organizations, with families, with caring adults, etc.  There aren’t any spaces in the building that are conducive to private meetings.  If in the loft- everyone in the computer room can hear them! If in the basement- it is very loud from all that is going on upstairs!

Funding Need

We need to raise $65,000.00 in order to purchase the building.  We have been given an estimate of needing to spend $35,000.00 on the building from our inspector. We also need to furnish the place and supply it with computers, etc (Approximately $10,000).

This makes for a total of $110,000!

Will you consider partnering with the Bridge Academy and Community Center in order to allow our staff to work productively in a new space, as well as offer a quiet meeting space as needed?

Please prayerfully consider what you could donate in order to help meet this incredible need for the organization. We are completely grateful for supporters such as you!