The Bridge Academy hosted an open house to display the newly renovated 578 Olive St. property in addition to the recent updates at our 570 Olive St. facility on September 12, 2018.  Two years ago, the Bridge purchased the adjacent property. At the time it was boarded up, broken down, abandoned market. At one time it was a small little store and it only brought trouble to the area. The glass had bullet holes through it and illicit activities would bring unwelcomed company.

The Bridge was able to transform it into a beautiful, state of the art office and learning center which will help expand the efforts of the Bridge Academy. It’s bigger than just a building. Our creations are an extension of our God-given abilities and its reflected in this property ever so clear. A guest at the open house was in awe of the place. She said, ” I walked inside and I forgot I was in Coatesville. It’s awesome that our kids have the opportunity to realize you don’t have to leave Coatesville to have nice things and for people to you seriously.”

That profound statement reminded us that God is redeeming all things to Himself and our mere presence in this neighborhood can create change. Our community realizes our investment in their lives and more importantly, we care about their eternal soul.

Seeing the seed of an idea over 10 years ago turn into a historic night with incredible gratitude and hope for the future.