Serving. Learning. Growing.

The Bridge Academy utilizes the summer to keep our students growing! Our desire for these summer months is to actively engage our students in worthwhile activities and endeavors!


For July & August, the BACC runs programs for K-12th students which are designed to keep students engaged through community service, new learning opportunities, and summer reading. We choose new exciting activities for students to experience such as police and fire station visits, guest readers, and service projects. We believe the best kind of learning is when you get to actually experience something. One hightlight so far included Mr. Kenny taking a group of 4th-5th graders to the police station. The students were able to talk to police officers, see their patrol cars, and learn what it takes to protect the community.The younger students have had amazing weekly programs that have included woodworking, Girl Scouts, Fun Day, Camp at Old Mill, and learning trips.



The Middle School/High School students have had round table discussions, summer reading time, trash pickup, and weekly reward trips! We also strive to incorporate fun into every moment! One of our key goals is to have every student complete their summer reading. This simple project will help instill the importance of reading as well as help them get off to the best start to the school year. Teaching students how to balance study, service, and play is important! Every Thursday the students who successfully participated in the week’s events are awarded with a fun day. The fun days have consisted of pool parties, Calvary Fellowship Student Center, pizza parties, Urban Air, and we will take our year end trip to the D.C. Zoo!