Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the Bridge Academy’s website! This fall we have had a great time working with lots of different students and women! Every year new faces abound so we love getting connected! Pray for the staff and volunteers as we adjust to new schedules and students! Also pray for our students as they get accustomed to the school year and all the challenges that accompany it.

The BACC is a safe, warm, and welcoming enviroment for so many different people. In a world that is broken, dangerous, and tough, we strive to create an enviroment where love is shown tangibly through our words, actions, and deeds. We want to be known as the place where you can come as you are and you are shown love. Even when feelings are hard to verbalize, we understand the importance of what we do.

Here are some highlights to this school year!

  • Barb Wilson of Caln Elementary School is helping to run an art class every Wednesday for our tutoring kids! We are so appreciative to have a solid art class that allows kids to creatively express themselves!
  • We have many new and returning volunteers. Its great to have new people serving and giving their time!
  • Mom’s Club just started back at the end of September. We pray for this group because of their influence over their families and communities! May they continue to seek the Lord!

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