This post was written by our Assistant Director – Tyler Changaris

I was on the phone with a woman who attends our Mom’s Club. She was contacting me in order to pick up her gifts for her children. After a time was arranged, she went on to say a few things. She stated how thankful she was for the Bridge Academy and our Director, Jordan who runs the program. She said “the BACC and Mom’s Club has helped me learn the word of God and helped me walk this journey I’m on.  It’s a huge blessing and great to see you all helping at Christmas time and more importantly the rest of the year”. She spoke for a few minutes of how the program is awesome and changes lives. She was grateful for Jordan and her sacrifice to put other people in front of her own needs. Later that afternoon when this woman came and picked up her bag of presents, she had a thank you card written out for us.

While I don’t work directly with the Mom’s Club women, it’s beautiful to hear words like that.  To see a genuine heartfelt appreciation is a sign of respect.  Ministry is an uphill battle.  Authentically loving people and sharing the FULLness of the Gospel always brings resistance and challenges. We are BLESSED and thankful to be considered worthy of this calling.

We pray for the Bridge Academy to continue to be loving force in Coatesville.