A BACC Student’s Perspective

We love being able to share stories of hope and love with you all. Recently one of our high school students wrote a paper for class. When we came across it, we were curious to hear more. He was surprisingly happy to let us read it and he even gave us permission to keep his name on it.

Below is some of the words from this young man’s heart. While this is saddening and heartbreaking, it reminds of why we work so hard at the BACC. We serve our kids and teach them about a great God who loves them more than we can imagine.

Please take a moment to read the words below. Let them soak into your heart. Please pray for our kids who have to deal with this reality every day.

Is your father in your life? No? Well we’re on the same boat here, because mine isn’t either. Man is it hard. Being without a father is not easy. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time dealing with the fact that my father has been in and out of my life for, well, all of my life. Just recently, about a year ago, he’s walked out my life for good. I’ve been having trouble with teaching myself things he should be teaching me. Life just feels different now that he’s absent. But I am learning how to deal with it.

I will always remember how I would cry so hard every time he left the house. I would cry for hours and hours, until I finally fell asleep. He would always disappear for a couple days before he came back home. Now that he’s been gone for almost a year and a half, it gives me this feeling of emptiness. It makes me feel lost. Like the lights of my life has been dimmed & now I’m struggling to see. It’s like I can feel myself changing. I don’t like what I’m becoming, but is it my fault I’m changing into a person I’m not? Is it my fault for starting to get into a lot more trouble than I used to? Is it my fault for starting to slip up in school because I can’t seem to focus? These are thoughts I had on my mind lately and it is causing me a lot of stress. But my question is, “am I the only one going through something like this?