Students honored for mural!

On 11.21.13, Penn State Great Valley hosted our students for their work on the “Darkness to Light” mural. Through the Cultural Outreach at PSU Great Valley, BACC students were able to attend a dinner, a recognition ceremony and were able to hear Jane Golden from the Philly Mural Arts program speak!

Our students also received Pennsylvania State Proclamations from Senator Dinniman. Dallas Krapf of Krapf Buses presented the students with the award. Krapf said, “I didn’t receive one of these until I was 40 so think about that! It is a pretty special award!”

It was an amazing night! When the students created this piece it was just a mural. Now they are starting to understand it is someone more. People are fascinated by the stories and are blown away by the actual art.

We always tell the kids that God’s plan for you is way better than what we could imagine. He created each and every one of them to do amazing things. They are his handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works. We pray for our students and hope they realize through this experience that they can do great things through God’s grace!