Weekly Info – 9.30.13

Good afternoon,

We are ready to start another week of Bridge Academy programs! We will be starting our Monday art class that is provided by Art Partners Studio today. We are blessed for their partnership and commitment to our students!

Please join with us in praising God for the work that He is doing in our lives and the students’ lives that come to the BACC.  Our kids are growing more and more passionate about their education.

Students are excited about their futures. We even had a five year old say that he had to get his homework done so he can go to college one day!  How many five year olds do you know that think like that!

Sometimes we as volunteers/staff, get caught up in the day to day needs, the way that a kid may have asked for something, or a desire that we had that didn’t get met.  Let’s pray that we can keep our ‘eyes on Him’ as He gives us the strength, right heart and encouragement to stay faithful to what He’s called us to! And this week, let’s pray that we can see the little positive steps that we and our loved ones are taking!

Thank you for selflessly giving your time to serve our students.

Have a great week,

The BACC Team