Good to be back!

This week was the first week back after a prolonged absence from the Bridge Academy. As most of you know, our boiler needed to be replaced. This left us in a tough spot. We couldn’t have programs in a cold building! So for the last few weeks, unfortunately we had to cancel our weekly programs. Then last week was Easter so we didn’t have any programs as well. But finally this week, we started our programs. We were unsure how many kids we would have this week since we have been gone for a while. But to our surprise, we had many kids throughout the week.

Even thought our building doesn’t have heat, we still managed to get by. Praise God that our new boiler is in and ready to go. We are just waiting on PECO to replace our gas meter.

On Monday, our middle school students created their own version of the “Harlem Shake”. It was hilarious watching them make it and even better to see the final product. Check it out here!