It is never too late to finish school

I’d like to share an encouraging story from the past month.

When I taught middle school at Scott Middle School a few years ago, I had a student named Jerisha. She lives up the street from the BACC, and we always talked when we saw each other outside.  She never came in our building for more than a few minutes at a time, until she recently started community service hours with us.

Jerisha began helping out, as well as coming to the programs for her age group.  She is a very hard worker! As we spent time together I asked her what her goals were and found out she’d like to start school back up.  She dropped out of high school when she had her son, and she’d like to go back to earn a diploma.  To make a long story short, she had signed up for cyber school, but was having a hard time completing the necessary actions in order to actually START.  A few of our staff and volunteers came together to help her overcome the many obstacles she still faced.  She never gave up and kept going strong even when it was actually impossible to meet the deadlines.

After many ups and downs, I am happy to report that she has started cyber school and is excited to continue her education!

We are so grateful to be able to come alongside people where they are!  We build relationships and desire to see our friends succeed with their personal goals. After doing all that we can to see this happen, we get to cheer with them when they do succeed!

Please pray for Jerisha- that she will continue to work hard and stay motivated with her classes; that she will have the time to be a great mom, as well as a student. Also, pray that she will love being here at the BACC, and keep coming around even when her hours are done- we love having her part of our family! And praise God with us for the victories she has just achieved!