Painting a better future

We are 5 months into the mural project and it has been shaping up to be something incredible. The students have put hours into this project and it shows. When beginning this mural, we prayed that God would use it for his glory and something big would come out of it. The creative aspects of the painting could only come from the students themselves. Students who have experienced the events (good and bad) are the ones actually painting the pictures. God doesn’t just want us to be observers of art, but to get into the game and start painting. When the students paint, they put a little bit of themselves into something bigger. It’s why God created each and every one of us uniquely. Each stroke of the brush comes something different. We hope that this painting will be tangible evidence to the students that they can paint something that is unique and set apart.
We are continually impressed how this project is turning out and are excited to see it completed! Check out this short time lapse of the project (More footage to come in the following weeks!)