Some highlights at the BACC!

Wow! What a fall here at the BACC. We had a lot going on each and every week. We praise God for allowing us a safe and productive fall. We had over 800 hours of service by volunteers from local churches, businesses, and organizations. We are blessed to have some many different people seeing the Bridge Academy’s vision. Our mission is simple: personally love God with our whole mind, body, and soul, provide excellent, engaging programs, and genuinely love the students and families we are surrounded by.

Some highlights of the fall were:

  • 7 Equestrian Leadership students participated in the Coatesville Christmas Parade with Locust Lane Riding Center.
  • We were able to provide small group after school tutoring three days a week for an average of 7 students.
  • The Bridge Academy celebrated 10 years of service in Coatesville!!
  • Got every family and student sponsored for Christmas through churches and local businesses!
  • Held a community food drive at the Bridge Academy for Thanksgiving.
  • Started a mural class that will help the students envision a brighter, more hopeful community that they can be part of!

These are just some of the amazing things the students are doing at the Bridge Academy! We will start our programs up on January 14th, 2013! Keep a look out for volunteer orientation early in January.