October Update

We are super excited for the coming weeks and months! Before you know it, the holiday season will be here and that time is always filled with excitement especially from our kids.

Our fall programs have been going as planned and we are happy to have kids in the building again. Hopefully we will continue to get kids out and they will remember to come!!

We are so thankful for our volunteers who come out and support us on a weekly basis. So far, we have already logged 370 hours of service. Praise God!! There are plenty of opportunities to get plugged in and serve the community.

With the holiday season coming up quickly, we will have opportunities to serve, give, and pray for our kids. God has blessed us with so much that it’s our PRIVILEGE to give back. We want to make Christmas time special for all our families. We want to make sure they know how much God loves them and that He sent his only son to die for our sins!

Recently we have received great feedback about our programs and facilities. Thank you for all the encouragement and we appreciate everyone who supports or prays for the BACC!