Bridge Academy Fall Update

We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, like we did here at the BACC. 24 families even received frozen turkeys and all the necessary items for a great Thanksgiving meal (donated by a local Bible study group)! We are getting ready for an amazing Christmas that is approaching fast. We look forward to having Christmas celebrations where we invite all of the parents, and give a gift to our faithful students. This is always a fun season. Please read through the rest of this email to see some more of the excitement we have going on at the BACC!

Program Highlights

Here’s where to get a snapshot of each program that occurs throughout the week!
  • Monday’s Art class is really enjoying their opportunity to learn street art and have fun at the same time.
  • Our small group tutoring has officially started.  We have more kids that continue to want to work on educational material each Monday.  This may become something bigger than what we originally expected!
  • The middle school group enjoys a wonderful meal together like one big family would every week.  Our numbers grow every Monday, and we have a blast with each other.
  • PreK-2nd grade Homework Club has enjoyed puppets at various times this fall.  They will get to enjoy a Christmas puppet show put on by a local church at our upcoming party!
  • The Horse program is getting the privilege of riding horses in the Coatesville Christmas Parade (this Saturday) and the kids are extremely excited!
  • Mom’s Club is really growing spiritually and in numbers. The group is enjoying our new curriculum.
  • The boys in Wood Chips are building small decorative kitchen stools and/or serving trays.  Some are planning on giving these to their mothers for Christmas.
  • The Life Skills group has continued with their new curriculum, and have been opening up to each other more and more each week.
  • The “Find your Voice” music classis looking to really take off in hopes to reach kids through creativity and talent.  Recently, they have been exploring different instruments.
  • The 3rd-6th grade Homework Clubstudents get to spend their hard earned Bridge Bucks (for good behavior) at the Bridge store every 5 or 6 weeks.  They have the opportunity to earn things like basketballs, footballs, girly accessories, candy and fun school supplies.  The kids are very motivated to continue to earn more Bridge Bucks!
  • Teen night is giving out Ipods and gift cards, motivating the youth to participate in the crazy fun games they have every week starting off their great nights.
  • In addition to these programs, a few of us try to meet one on one with some individuals and small groups.  We work on specific areas of struggle in our lives, studying the Bible, moving forward with dreams and aspirations, and growing relationships. These are precious, and most worthwhile times.
Thank you for your support and prayers that make the Bridge Academy possible.

Jordan Crans
The Bridge Academy and Community Center